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About Social

We love being social at Ground Level Media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram you name it and we love it! In fact we love it so much we would love to share our knowledge with you.


We offer a range of services including social media consultation, page management, video production, building online communities targeted to your field, social media apps plus dedicated training schedules for your team.


Social Services

Social Media Start-Up Program

If you are new to Social Media, or have recently started up a new business, and realize the importance of social media but are unsure of how to start or which platforms to use, then our Ground Level Media start-up program could be perfect for you. We have a team of experts who have built up very strong social media presence with many clients including ELF Cosmetics & I Love Mascara, plus our own brands.


Our start up program offers you a social media consultant who will hold your hand through the first few months, help you get started and develop a strong presence on the right social media channels for you or your business. We will even cross-promote your business across our media channels, where necessary. We offer:


• Dedicated consultant for guidance • Which platforms are best for you • Getting started on Social Media • Social Media do’s and don’t • Cross promotion


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Social Media Page Management

Ground Level Media can manage all of your social media platforms for you. Yes ALL of them. If you want us to that is – we will cater to the individual needs of your business. The secret is to keep your community engaged and interested otherwise they will drop off.


You need to have a sufficient balance between regular content and bombarding your community, as you don’t want to annoy them. The key here is to have regular, quality content. This is something that you won’t have to worry about using our services.  


We can also design all your social media backgrounds, cover images, profile designs for you with our Graphic Design service.


• Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Vimeo • LinkedIn • Pinterest • Instagram • Video content • Graphic Design • Engaging activity • Competitions • Apps • Advertising


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Training Days

If you are new to Social Media or just don’t know where to start, Ground Level Media will soon be offering Social Media training days to give you a push start on your social media strategy.


The course will be a one-day course, starting at 9am and finishing at 4.30pm and will include sandwiches plus tea, coffee or water.


Whether you are looking for advice on how to start up, use apps, which social platforms would benefit your business, social media best practice, strategies – we cover it all in this intense but laid back and friendly course.




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Advertising & Apps

The Facebook ad platform opens up a new world of advertising compared to more traditional PPC platforms. Constantly tweaking the Facebook ad platform not only allows brands to target specific demographics based on profile information, but now allows to target people based on what they are typing, which is pretty clever in our opinion! 


We genuinely love working with Facebook Apps. We don’t know why. We just do. And after years of searching through hundreds of various Facebook apps, all claiming to achieve that they will reach x amount of people and claiming to have the best analytics, pricing structure and customization, we have managed to build up an extensive knowledge of all the best apps out there so you don’t have too.


• Facebook advertising • LinkedIn advertising • Ad copy • Profiling advice • Budget consultation • Expert advice • Ad management • App advice • App design


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