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Facebook is by far the most popular social media networking site, with over 900 million users worldwide. Come and chat to us on Facebook - send us a direct message, post a photo or ask us a question.


This is how we started the company, by building up a strong Facebook presence, so we will always engage with all of our followers. What are you waiting for?


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Tweet this, tweet that, re-tweets this, share that, @allmyfriends, follow as many celebrities that I can to find out what they are doing!


Follow us @GLMedia for anything video, social or design work or @GLSwansea for anything happening in the wonderful world of Swansea.


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Ah YouTube! Well, seeing as we are a production company it would be a little silly of us not to be on YouTube.


We have created over 50 high quality videos on our YouTube channel, and there are many more to come so subscribe to our channel today.


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